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Grab one of our delicious fall treats designed for your nose!

Pumpkin Pecan Bread Pudding - a rich blend of pumpkin pecan waffles and bourbon butterscotch type.

Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices - sweet honey apples blended with a chocolate-caramel pretzel bar.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies - deliciously spicy pumpkin cake filled with buttercream

Doughnutty - vanilla glazed nuts sprinkled on top of a warm glazed doughnut

Cranapple Upside Down Cake - tangy cranberry salsa and honey apples in spice cake with a brown sugar bourbon glaze

Candy Corn Blondies - honeysweet candy corn with white chocolate and spicy blondies

Pumpkin Crunch Cake - sweet pumpkin cake blended with vanilla-glazed nuts

Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles - filled cinnamon-spiced sugar cookies with sweet pumpkin cream cheese

Apple Cider Trail - Cider Lane type - spun sugar, vanilla bean and apple cider

By The Bonfire - toasted marshmallows by the fire

Haunted Hayride - a blend of candy corn, caramel apples, and toasted marshmallows

Basically - spiced pumpkin lattes

Each clamshell contains 2.5-2.75oz of parasoy wax. Recommended cure time is at least two weeks from pour date.


  • Pumpkin Pecan Bread Pudding
    17 in stock
  • Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices
    16 in stock
  • Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
    19 in stock
  • Doughnutty
    14 in stock
  • Cranapple Upside Down Cake
    16 in stock
  • Candy Corn Blondies
    18 in stock
  • Pumpkin Crunch Cake
    18 in stock
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles
    18 in stock
  • Apple Cider Trail
    18 in stock
  • By The Bonfire
    12 in stock
  • Haunted Hayride
    13 in stock
  • Basically
    19 in stock