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Wax melts inspired by a depressing cartoon about a washed up horse.

Garbage Fruit - sweet cantaloupe brought its less appealing plus-one, honeydew.
An Urban German Bourbon - sweet apples and maple blended with bourbon for a scent with a bite.
Catbernet - uncorked red wine and a hint of a crackling fire.
Sticky Pink - sweet clouds of fluffy cotton candy.
Nixon Meets The King - bananas and peanut butter cookies.
Fritter Fanatic - apple fritter cider doughnut.
Peanut Butter is One Word: peanut butter cookies and bold caramel coffee.
Butterscotch & Beatrice - lemon drops and brown sugar bourbon.

Turnaround time on wax is 5-7 business days unless otherwise stated. Wax is a parasoy blend and should be cured for two weeks.


  • An Urban German Bourbon
    15 in stock
  • Butterscotch and Beatrice
    15 in stock
  • Catbernet
    15 in stock
  • Fritter Fanatic
    16 in stock
  • Garbage Fruit
    15 in stock
  • Nixon Meets The King
    17 in stock
  • Peanut Butter Is One Word
    16 in stock
  • Sticky Pink
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